Hi, I’m Will Hore-Lacy, a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Photography for me is all about showing people the way I see this world; the places, the people and the occasions.

I’ve been getting out of the city and going camping/hiking/exploring as long as I can remember and the natural environment never ceases to amaze me.  It evokes many moods and emotions, from peaceful to fierce, soft to harsh, all of which display their own beauty.  Capturing these stunning landscapes is what got me into photography and truly excites me, I hope to be doing in some shape or form the rest of my life.

Once I had a camera in my hands the thirst for knowledge, excellence and exploring other styles of photography developed.  I jumped head first into sports photography and portraits through my sporting pursuits (volleyball and karate).  Built my skills in lighting and macro photography out of an interest in the amazing detail in everyday objects.  Plus, between sports clubs, church and family, there were always events to shoot.  Whenever I came up against an obstacle or limit in my skills or knowledge I would study, practice and improvise to continue moving forward.

While I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in the field I’m quite sure I’ll never know all there is to know about photography, let alone visit and see all the people and places of the world, but I do know that I’ll never stop learning … or taking photos.