2016 Calendars have arrived!

Front cover of 2016 Calendar

At long last the 2016 Calendars have arrived!

This years theme isn’t really much of a theme, it’s really just photos from our travels in the first half of this year.  It does mean all of the photos are really up to date!

As you may or may not know, I’ve been putting together calendars for a few years now however this is the first year I’ve actually bulk ordered from a printer rather than just making them available through Redbubble.  It was a bit of a scary process to go through for the first time but the end result was worth it.  The print quality is fantastic and it means it means I can get them to you at a substantially lower cost.

Back cover of 2016 Calendar

The calendar contains 12 photos from our travels across three different continents (not including Australia), plus front cover and inside cover photos.  The date pages contain Australian public holidays and important dates as well as school dates for all the different states and territories, and has moon phases marked.

So to make sure this gamble pays off I need you all to buy lots and lots of them so I can do it again next year, possibly even with multiple designs…

To get yours, follow this link: 2016 Calendars


Edit: If you are not in Australia (or even if you are) you can order them from my Etsy store for international (or local) delivery.


Travel Blog

_76A0950I’m currently on an around the world trip with my wife exploring some amazing areas of North America, Southern Africa and Europe so we are keeping a travel blog to keep everyone up-to-date and show off some photos. I’m also doing some posts with travel tips and photo tips for anyone following in our footsteps.  If you are interested then check it out here:

jacq and will went up the hill


The Echidna Challenge

Ever tried to get a photo of an Echidna? It’s quite a challenge. Taking a photo of a ball of spines is all good but as with most animals, it’s just not right without the eyes. So after spotting this one and getting the initial ‘proof of sighting’ photo I set about trying make an image that really worked without scaring it away. This is what I came up with…


There are more photos of Echidnas in my Australian Wildlife Set on flickr.

Sweet & Hot Photo Booth

The photos from the Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust Photo Booth are online now! You can check them out and buy prints here: Sweet & Hot Jazz Joust 2012.

The photos have also been posted on my facebook page if you want to tag yourself and share them with friends. Make sure you ‘Like’ the page while you are there or click the like button at bottom of this page.

Stay tuned for the competition & performance photos!


Wildlife of Southern Africa 2012 Calendar

Wildlife of Southern Africa 2012 CalendarAfter many late nights since returning from my trip to South Africa and Botswana I’ve finally got a new calendar together for 2012!  It is filled with 13 (including the cover) of my favorite wildlife photos from the trip printed on A3 200gsm satin art paper with a sturdy top wire binding and hanger.  They are a fantastic gift idea and if you order before the 17th of December in many parts of the world then you will receive your order before Christmas (Redbubble Christmas shipping dates).

If you are looking at this post mid year and don’t want to wait 6 months to get a calendar you actually select which month of the year you want you calendar to start when you order.  The default should be Janurary but make sure you double check before you click Add to Cart.

African Wildlife is not your thing then I also have several other calendars available in my Calendar Album or go to my portfolio page for card & prints of all my photos including many more from the trip.  If I can get a few more photos uploaded tonight I might have a “Birds of Southern Africa” calendar too.

For the photogr aphers out there,

all images were taken with a Canon 7D with Canon 100-400.

South African Adventure

So for those of you that don’t know, I’m in South Africa!

I’m having a holiday that has involved some time in game parks while touring around South Africa (and a bit of Botswana) and obviously taking a few photos, just a few…
Currently at the half-way point but I thought I share a photo or two, you’ll have to go to flickr for more: South Africa Set

Ridley College Graduation Portraits

The Ridley College Graduation Portraits and now online and available for orders: Ridley College Graduation Portraits 2011 (Password protected).

Landscapes closer to home

I had a brief photo shoot down on the Mornington Peninsular last weekend and afterwards headed up to Aurthur’s Seat to get a good view of the bay and the light was doing amazing things. The photos below are some of my favorites and show a few different focal lengths I was using, the top was a panorama at 32 mm, middle at 105 mm and the bottom cranked all the way to 400 mm.  I’ve just order a few prints to see how they come out.

Light dancing on Port Phillip Bay

Rays of light on Port Phillip Bay

Mornington Peninsular

Spiegeltent Photos (20th March 2011)

I’ve just posted some photos of Swing Patrol performances at the Famous Spiegeltent!

Swing Patrol at Spiegeltent – 20th March 2011

New web site

So after years of using my old non SEO messy frames web site I’ve finally learned how to install and play with wordpress and here is the result. I’m still working to add more information and properly incorporate the gallery but it is functional, updated and much more professional.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions improvements.

Enjoy the site.